Sunblock For Face Against UVB UVA 50ML

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1. The moist and silky texture can help to isolate environmental pollutants, with mild nature, refreshing and non-greasy, and light texture. SPF50+ can also reduce UV damage to skin.

2. Prevent moisture loss, skin peeling and other conditions caused by sun exposure, pamper and moisturize the skin, help the skin lock in moisture, make the skin delicate and smooth, smooth and translucent.

3. Sun protection index up to SPF50, effective protection, effective isolation of UVB, sunscreen can be safely burned, without sunlight.

4. Has a thin, natural texture that can be quickly absorbed by the skin without blocking the pores.

5. Protect skin from ultraviolet rays, modify skin tone, create natural makeup without removing makeup, resist ultraviolet pores, brighten skin tone.


  • Name: 50g refreshing sunscreen
  • Net content: 50ml
  • SPF: SPF50
  • Efficacy: sun protection, whitening
  • Sunscreen: Face/Body
  • Skin Type: General
  • PA value: PA++