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HIGH QUALITY Micro USB Charger Cable

HIGH QUALITY Micro USB Charger Cable

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USB 2.0 "High Speed" transfer rate. Sync data between your computer and your cell phone, PDA, or tablet. · Transfer files, contact information, emails, and appointments from your phone. Charge your device using the computer's USB port. Type: Micro USB Cable. 

This Samsung Compatible Lightning Cable can also be connected to any USB Power Adapter to turn into a convenient charger. 

  1. For Amazon Kindle HD Fire Paperwhite

  2. For Blackberry Smartphones

  3. For Google Nexus Smartphones

  4. For Huawei Smartphones & Tablets

  5. For HTC Smartphones & Tablets

  6. For LG Smartphones & Tablets

  7. For Motorola Smartphones

  8. For Nokia Lumia Series

  9. For Palm

  10. For Samsung Galaxy Series

  11. For Sony Xperia Series

  12. For T-Mobile Smartphones                                                                                  

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